Cisco 5760 Wireless Controller - Netverksadministrasjonsenhet - 6 porter - 1000 MAP-er (forvaltede tilgangspunkter) - 10 GigE - 1U

Cisco 5760 Wireless Controller - Netverksadministrasjonsenhet - 6 porter - 1000 MAP-er (forvaltede tilgangspunkter) - 10 GigE - 1U AIR-CT5760-1K-K9
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Fjernlager (2-3 dg lev)
  • Optimized for 802.11ac standard
  • 6 10G SFP+ uplinks
  • Multiple link aggregation (LAG) support to protect against link failures while maintaining the optimal network connectivity
  • Cisco ClientLink 2.0 technology to improve downlink performance to all mobile devices
  • Cisco CleanAir technology, which provides proactive, high-speed spectrum intelligence to combat performance problems due to wireless interference
  • RF management
  • Provides both real-time and historical information about RF interference affecting network performance across controllers using systemwide Cisco CleanAir technology integration
  • Optimized video delivery using single stream for both wired and wireless clients
  • Supports Cisco VideoStream technology to optimize the delivery of business-critical multicast video applications across the WLAN
  • Supports unified communications for improved collaboration through messaging, presence, and conferencing
  • Supports all Cisco Unified Communications Wireless IP Phones for cost-effective, real-time voice services
  • Consistent configuration CLI for both wired and wireless QoS through modular QoS CLI (MQC)
  • Granular QoS policies per access point, SSID, radio, and client
  • Fair bandwidth allocation across wireless clients on an access point
  • Simplifies and centralizes security policies through downloadable ACLs
  • ACLs are processed in hardware to provide line-rate performance
  • Networkwide visibility with flexible NetFlow for wireless clients
  • Organizations may choose to turn off access point radios to reduce power consumption during off-peak hours
  • Integrated wireless LAN controller avoids the deployment of additional device in the network
  • Secure, reliable wireless connectivity and consistent end-user experience
  • Increased network availability through proactive blocking of known threats
  • Supports IPv6 addressing on interfaces with appropriate show commands for monitoring and troubleshooting
  • IPv6 ACLs are processed in hardware to provide line-rate performance
The Cisco 5760 Wireless Controller is an industry-leading platform designed for 802.11ac networks with maximum performance and services at scale, combined with high availability for mission-critical wireless networks. Through the Unified Access Data Plane (UADP) application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), it delivers wire-speed performance with services such as advanced quality of service (QoS), flexible NetFlow v9, and downloadable ACLs.

The 5760 Wireless Controller can operate in both converged access mode and centralized mode. Converged access mode provides hierarchical network design that distributes the wireless data plane at the access layer on Cisco Catalyst switches for maximum performance and scale. Converged access mode provides maximum resiliency by constraining outages to smaller failure domains. Additionally, converged access mode delivers high availability with access point stateful failover, making sure SSIDs are highly available and have minimal effect on wireless clients.