APC - Luftinnesluttingssystem - svart - 42U

APC - Luftinnesluttingssystem - svart - 42U ACCS1006
kr 19 575 Ink mva
Fjernlager (2-3 dg lev)
Schneider ElectricProdusentSchneider ElectricArtnr
  • Scalable densities
  • Over aisle access
  • Fire safe system
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Safe slide doors
  • One-way locking door
  • Modular design
  • Active airflow control
  • Air return system
  • Modular strategy
It allows for higher densities to be achieved by integrating containment with room, row and rack cooling system architectures. Tooless removal of individual panels allows access above the aisle for cabling and maintenance.