Samsung SBB-DA B64DV4 - Digitalskiltspiller - AMD R-serie - RAM 4 GB - SSD - 64 GB - Windows 7 Embedded

Samsung SBB-DA B64DV4 - Digitalskiltspiller - AMD R-serie - RAM 4 GB - SSD - 64 GB - Windows 7 Embedded SBB-B64DV4/EN
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  • Streamline the display environment
  • Slim and lightweight design
  • Easy maintenance without dismantling
  • Easily install modules by sliding the unit into a Samsung SMART Signage
  • Eliminate the need for bulky, heavy equipment with the modules' slim and lightweight design
  • Rely on powerful performance
With easy-to-install PC modules, companies can transform Samsung SMART Signage into all-inclusive digital signage solutions that best accommodate their specific business needs. Slide a module into a compatible SMART Signage to play digital signage content without dismantling the unit from the SMART Signage. The PC modules eliminate the need for an external PC and cables, maintaining a clutter-free display environment. Using a PC module not only reduces equipment costs, but also facilitates efficient space management and creates a simplified environment.

The slim and sleek design of this set-back box saves you space and allows you to keep your professional space tidy. Despite its elegant design, it is a powerful unit with particularly convenient connectivity and several USB ports that enhance connectivity, allowing for easier control and management of content and providing crisp and clear images.

The SBB-DA Series benefit from the fact that they are extremely easy to maintain. The main difference that is highlighed is if PC embedded SMART Signage products are damaged or can't be used, they need to be replaced completely. However, with the SBB-DA series, they can be easily and conveniently fixed and maintened, guaranteeing higher performance for longer.