Vision TC3-AMP+CS-1800 - Lydsystem - 50 watt (Total) - hvit

Vision TC3-AMP+CS-1800 - Lydsystem - 50 watt (Total) - hvit TC3-AMP+CS-1800
kr 2 716,25 Ink mva
Fjernlager (2-3 dg lev)
  • Front panel input
  • D-Class amplifier
  • Power four speakers
  • Preset memory
  • Tactile dial
  • Remote control
  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • Cables included
  • Secure
  • Close at hand
  • Integrated Techconnect family
By using advanced low-impedance digital amplifier chip technology the improved Techconnect amp module outputs a massive sound, but fits into the smaller space. Can be positioned anywhere in the room, making it perfect for training rooms, boardrooms, and classrooms.

  • Beautiful bezel-less magnetic grille
  • 6.5? woofer, 0.5? tweeter
  • Premium cross-over
The CS-1800 ceiling speakers feature a two-way design. They use the ceiling void as an infinite baffle - allowing un-damped driver excursion - all of which adds up to rich, detailed sound. The main driver is a 6.5? polypropylene cone complimented by an advanced 0.5? tweeter. These low impedance speakers do not sacrifice frequency range like 100/70 V line speakers do.