HPE MSR20-13 W - Trådløs ruter - DSL-modem - 4-portssvitsj - 802.11b/g

HPE MSR20-13 W - Trådløs ruter - DSL-modem - 4-portssvitsj - 802.11b/g JF808A
kr 26 482,50 Ink mva
Fjernlager (2-3 dg lev)
KrypteringMD5, TLS, SSL
ProtokollFast Ethernet, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, Ethernet
NettverksprotokollPPPoE, TCP/IP, L2TP, RSVP, NTP
RutingprotokollOSPFv3, OSPF, Statisk IPv6-ruting, GRE, IGMPv2, PIM-SM, PIM-DM, RIP-2, BGP-4, VRRP, OSPFv2, MSDP, Multiprotocol BGP, IS-IS, RIP-1, RIPng, Statisk IPv4-ruting, IGMPv3
  • Convergence of routing, switching, voice, security
  • Embedded encryption, firewall, security feature
  • Modular design supports full portfolio modules
  • Unified management platform
  • Standards-based design provides interoperability
The HP A-MSR20 series features a modular design that delivers unmatched flexibility for small branch offices and small to medium-sized businesses, while reducing complexity, simplifying management, and increasing control. The A-MSR20 routers provide a full-featured, resilient routing platform, up to 180Kpps forwarding capacity, and 100Mbps encryption. They offer lasting investment protection, and help reduce capital and operating expenses. These routers enable an agile, flexible network infrastructure that offers the ability to quickly adapt to changing business requirements, while delivering integrated, concurrent services on a single, easy-to-manage platform.