Jabra Noise Guide - Støyføring

Jabra Noise Guide - Støyføring 14207-41
kr 4 945 Ink mva
Fjernlager (2-3 dg lev)
  • Lights up when noise levels rise too high so you can consider moving conversations to a private or quieter room
  • Glows green when noise is low, orange when nearing a limit and red when noise is too high
  • Customize your maximum noise and working space requirements
The Jabra Noise Guide signals to people in open plan offices if the noise level is too high, so they can regulate their behavior to support the overall group productivity. It's perfect for anyone who works in an open-plan office and needs to focus. Or for those taking lots of calls in noisy environments. The Noise Guide helps create a positive experience for those on both ends of the line.